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The Montenegrin coast is 293 km long with 73 km of beaches spread over 117 locations. Choose the one most to your liking - sand, pebble or rock beach.

Choose a long beach, or a small and intimate one. Choose a beach with various modern amenities or a virgin rustic one. We can also recommend you those with the blue flag:

Tropicana in Ulcinj, Paradiso in Bar, Mogren I, Ocaso and Sveti Toma in Budva, Plavi horizonti and Kalardovo in Tivat, Porto, Dobrec and Cuba libre in Herceg Novi.


Marinas in Montenegro

There are five marinas in Montenegro with all basic services and several mooring places without services.


Montenegro is divided into three main climatic regions: the coastal region with mild winters and hot summers, the central plain which is colder in the winter and warmer in the summer than the coastal region and the high karst with sub-alpine climate with cold snowy winters and moderate summers.

Sailing Montenegro

Montenegro is rapidly becoming a popular destination for the nautical enthusiasts… Sailing and tourism, which have long been recognized in the world as a winning combination by linking enjoyment and profit, have recently begun to enjoy the place they deserve in Montenegro as well.