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The coastal regions generally enjoy mild winters and hot summers, with sea temperatures ranging from 10-12°C in winter to 25-28°C in summer. During the winter bad weather tends to accumulate mostly over the coastal mountain ranges, which frequently leads to warm and sunny winter days. The contrast of the mild winter weather with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains is delightful.

The central plain is colder in the winter and warmer in the summer than the coast. Podgorica averages a January temperature of 5°C and a July temperature 26.5°C. The maximum can reach up to 40°C and the minimum -10°C.

The High karst mountain area consist of plains at around 1,700m rising to peaks around 2,000m. The climate is sub-alpine with cold snowy winters, up to 5m in the mountains, and a moderate summers averaging 270 hours of sunshine per month. Winter maximum temperatures are around 3°C and minimums around -6°C . In the summer months it goes from 23°C to 9°C.


Marinas in Montenegro

There are 5 marinas in Montenegro with all basic services and several mooring places without services.

Sailing Montenegro

Montenegro is rapidly becoming a popular destination with the nautical enthusiasts… Sailing and tourism, which have long been recognized in the world as a winning combination by linking enjoyment and profit, have recently begun to enjoy the place they deserve in Montenegro as well.


The Montenegrin coast is 293 km long with 73 km of beaches spread over 117 locations. Choose the one most to your liking – sand, pebble or rock beach.