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Words that first come to mind when thinking of mega yachts are luxury and comfort. This category of yachts includes vessels that are longer than 20 m (60-65 ft), luxuriously furnished, completely equipped and can be chartered only with crew. Captain, cook, sailor and hostess will take care of absolutely all things on board, and all you should do is relax and have fun. If you want, you can choose your itinerary, menus and other things, but you can always rely on your crew for advice or suggestion. Still, in case of bed weather or any other problems at sea, you must always listen to your captain – he is most experienced and for general wellbeing you must do as he says.

Luxury yachts belong to a special category of vessels that lean more towards the floating houses than boats. They provide special comfort and deluxe treatment for you and your guests on longer cruises as well as shorter routs. Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose from different models, but whichever yacht you choose you can count on having an extremely pleasant and luxurious cruise – you won’t have to worry about anything and you will have everything you need or wish for.

The crew quarters (cabins and bathrooms) are usually separated from the guest quarters so you can have your privacy, and the rest of the spacious yacht is equipped with everything you might need. Also, considering the size and spaciousness of mega yachts it is highly unlikely for even the most sensitive of you have sea sickness or other similar problems.


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