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Montenegro is generally a healthy country with few risks. Only bottled or purified water should be consumed, and food should be well prepared and well cooked. Those intending to hike in the countryside should take precautions against ticks. Medical insurance with evacuation cover is strongly recommended. There are some private clinics in Podgorica, which treat travellers, but payment in cash is expected. A reciprocal health agreement entitles visitors from the UK to free emergency treatment.


Customs and Documentation

Passport or a valid personal identity document. As of June 15, 2004, citizens of countries of the European Union may enter Montenegro with only identity card and stay up to 30 days.


Montenegro is a safe destination for travellers, although it is wise to take sensible precautions against street crime in the towns and cities, as you would in any other European country.

Useful information

Some useful information for visitors about local tourist organizations, currency and banks, important telephone numbers and mobile operators.