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Luxury yacht Sunseeker 121
Sunseeker 1212010.36.89 m (121 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsAt marina:Hrvatskafrom 115,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker Yacht 90
Sunseeker Yacht 902007.28 m (91.8 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 51,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker 105
Sunseeker 1052002.32 m (105 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Tivatfrom 49,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker Yacht 86 *
Sunseeker Yacht 86 *2009.27 m (88.6 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Tivatfrom 40,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker Yacht 82
Sunseeker Yacht 822003.25.15 m (82.5 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Tivatfrom 37,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker 82 fly
Sunseeker 82 fly2004.25.15 m (82.5 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Tivatfrom 35,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker Predator 82
Sunseeker Predator 822006.24.97 m (81.9 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Budvafrom 34,000€
Luxury yacht Sunseeker Predator 72
Sunseeker Predator 722007.22.26 m (73 ft)
3 Cabins6 BerthsAt marina:Budvafrom 29,000€

Sunseeker Yachts, formerly known as Poole Powerboats, a British company based in Poole, England, began manufacturing yachts under the Sunseeker name in the 1980's, although the first boat to carry the name Sunseeker was built in the mid-1970's. The change in name was ushered in with new hulls and over-the-top designs that have instantly ignited interest from the yachting community, as well as new yacht buying customers. Today, Sunseeker yachts are built on hulls that have evolved from racing, while utilizing the latest in composite materials and construction techniques. There are several models in the Sunseeker fleet, ranging from a 140-foot long yacht down to a 34-foot long high performance yacht.