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Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 45
Beneteau Oceanis 452015.13.85 m (45.4 ft)
4 Cabins8 Berths4 yachtsAt marina:Kotorfrom 2,000€SPECIAL OFFER
Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 48 New(4 cabins)
Beneteau Oceanis 48 New(4 cabins)2014.14.6 m (47.9 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 2,500€
Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 45 New
Beneteau Oceanis 45 New2018.13.85 m (45.4 ft)
4 Cabins10 Berths4 yachtsAt marina:Kotorfrom 2,200€
Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 45 - 3 cabins
Beneteau Oceanis 45 - 3 cabins2014.13.85 m (45.4 ft)
3 Cabins7 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 2,000€
Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 48  5 cab
Beneteau Oceanis 48 5 cab2018.14.6 m (47.9 ft)
5 Cabins11 Berths2 yachtsAt marina:Kotorfrom 1,980€
Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 41.1
Beneteau Oceanis 41.12017.12.38 m (40.6 ft)
3 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 1,900€
Sailing Boat Beneteau Oceanis 41
Beneteau Oceanis 412014.12.38 m (40.6 ft)
3 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 1,800€

Beneteau adventure began more than a century ago. For 120 years, the core of the Boatyard's profession has been innovation. From the first sardine boat to the First 50, from the shipbuilding tradition to more advanced technologies it has grown. However, it is still the pioneering spirit of Benjamin Breneteau that is the driving force behind 2,500 co-workers. Till today, more than 42 000 Beneteau yachts have sailed the seas of the world. Major features of Beneteau yacht is performance, modernity, safety and respect.