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Cruising Vessel Gulet Handem
Gulet Handem2003.29 m (95.1 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Barfrom 15,000€
Cruising Vessel Gulet Patronice
Gulet Patronice1999.22.5 m (73.8 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsAt marina:Tivatfrom 11,340€
Cruising Vessel Gulet Mia
Gulet Mia2007.26 m (85.3 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 10,500€
Cruising Vessel Gulet Sadri Usta I
Gulet Sadri Usta I2005.29 m (95.1 ft)
8 Cabins16 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 10,000€
Cruising Vessel Gulet Carpe Diem
Gulet Carpe Diem1991.21 m (68.9 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsAt marina:Kotorfrom 9,520€

Gulet (world comes from French golette; schooner) is a traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessel with two-mast, raised bow, broad beam and flat stern. Over the years gulets have evolved from traditional fishing and cargo vessels into their present profile of a broad beam and wide deck. These vessels with its rounded aft, low water profile and roomy hull usually made from local pine. Today gulets are mostly made as motor-sailers, with diesel engines and sails to provide additional power. This means you can sail silently when the wind allows, but go wherever you want reliably with motor power. Gulets come in different sizes, from small 15-meter long craft with the necessary equipment to large, luxurious 35-meter (108-foot) air-conditioned vessels with every convenience and luxury. They may have from 3 to 15 two-person cabins (for 6 to 30 people). 5 or 6 cabin vessels capable of sleeping 10 to 12 persons are most common. Gulets are very popular for charter proposes today because of their wide beam, which gives them lots of deck space and plenty of rooms for spacious cabins below decks. All cabins have their own en suite bathroom with a pull-out shower hose attached at the basin. In the cabin you are provided with bath and hand towels, linen and a blanket. Cabins have 12 volt or 220 volt electricity. The electricity on most Gulets runs at 12 V or 24 V. The 3 or 4 person crew usually sleeps in a forward part of the vessel. Crew usually consist captain, deck hand, cook and hostess. A gulet's saloon is spacious, high enough for the tallest crew member, with provisions for tables to seat all the voyagers for meals, meetings or evening entertainment. The stern deck of a gulet is broad, fitted with a low, wide cushioned bench all around which is perfect for lounging, reading or just relaxing. The stern deck area, shaded by an awning if the sun is hot, is large enough for a small table for games, drinks or simple meals. Foredeck is the place for sunbathing. All gulets are equipped with necessary navigation and safety equipment like GPS Charterplotter, VHF radio station, life rafts, life belts and stereo cassette or CD player and a selection of cassettes and CD-s. Many of the newer vessels have a cellular telephone, TV, video player and CD player. All gulets have a tender with either oars or an outboard engine. Those yachts that offer optional water skiing have a powerful outboard engine, while the outboards of others are designed purely for getting to shore and back. Gulets have excellent water sports platforms with windsurf, fishing and snorkelling equipment, canoe for your pleasure. Typical gulet charter agreements include the yacht with its equipment, crew, insurance and fuel for four hours cruising per day (on average), standard port taxes and fees. Half board or full board are included in some charter agreements, or may be ordered by the voyagers and paid separately. Crew tips (gratuities) are 5% to 10% of the total charter fee is traditionally given to the captain at the end of the voyage, to be shared among the crew.